Department of Microbiology 
Interdisciplinary Program in Immunology 
3-730 Bowen Science Bldg. 
Iowa City, IA 52242 
Lab Ph. 319-335-7576

The Perlman laboratory investigates respiratory disease in humans and mice caused by pathogenic human coronaviruses. These include the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-CoV and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-CoV. We also study demyelination caused by a murine coronavirus, mouse hepatitis virus, which serves as an animal model for multiple sclerosis. Our first analysis of the human T cell response in MERS patients was recently published. * Reference article below.

Stanley Perlman lab

Stanley Perlman MD, PhD
Jeremiah Athmer, BS
Kurt Bedell, Lab Manager
Rudragouda Channappanavar, PhD
Anthony Fehr, PhD
Matt Grunewald, BS
Ruangang Pan, PhD
Alan Sariol, BS
Lori Wheeler, BS
Jian Zheng, PhD

*Link to full article